Copyright Policy

Content made available via the Community History Archives, Advantage Archives, and associated brands, and in partnership with sponsoring institutions, is either within the Public Domain, or the Rights Holder has granted the sponsoring institution and/or Advantage Archives, permission to use specified copyrighted content and a executed agreement between parties is on file. Advantage acknowledges and respects that the content and intellectual property belong to the Rights Holder. As well as the validity of all copyrights for the content owned by Rights Holder and all associated intellectual property contained within this archive.

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 United States Code) governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to create a reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the reproduction is not to be “used for a purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research.”, however Advantage enter agreements that authorize expanded use of the Rights Holder’s copyrighted content. The agreements grant Advantage permission to digitize the Rights Holder’s content and provide online access to the digitized content either in a limited (restricted), or open (online) access model per the Rights Holder’s wishes as indicated within this Agreement. This service will be provided to and paid for by the Library or Sponsoring Institution, or by Advantage at Advantage’s own expense.

Advantage acknowledges and agrees that, unless specifically negotiated as such, these Agreements are non-exclusive and that Rights Holder may license others to provide and distribute Rights Holder’s content. The Rights Holder agrees that Advantage may, without materially changing the content, migrate the Content to any medium or format for preservation & access purposes and that may keep more than one copy of the Content for purposes of security, back-up, preservation, and with specific guidance from the Rights Holder, reuse commercially and/or monetize the Content, to help support the free and open access to historical records for institutions partnering with Advantage. Advantage also has agreed to not sell, grant sub-licenses to, or provide the digital content to a 3rd party without the prior written approval of Rights Holder. These agreements do not constitute, and are not intended to give rise to, a partnership or joint venture by and between the parties, and each party will operate under the terms of that Agreement as an independent entity and not as an agent for, or an employee of, the other.

The Rights Holder or Advantage reserves the right to refuse a user or institution, if, in its reasonable judgment, use of the content violates provisions of the agreement. The agreements are entered into for the full term of copyright and any extensions of copyright to facilitate access to services funded by the Library, Sponsoring Institution, or Advantage. "

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